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Madison county is in southeast Idaho, a part of the Upper Snake River Valley. It is the fastest growing county in the fastest growing part of the state. Rexburg, the county seat, doubled in size between its 80th and 100th birthdays. Other communities are Archer, Burton, Byrne, Edmonds, Herbert, Hibbard, Hinckley, Jensen, Jolley, Lyman, Mark, Moody, Parkinson, Plano, Salem, Sugar City, Sunnydell, Thorton, and Walker. Main industries include farming, the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory under the direction of the U.S. Department of Energy, and Brigham Young University-Idaho (formerly called Ricks College). The county is 473 square miles in area.

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Present Day Maps of Madison County:

The U.S. Geological Survey lists the following as populated places within Madison County, Idaho.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Archer 434249N 1114655W Ririe
Burton 434751N 1115126W Rexburg
Byrne 434131N 1114445W Heise
Edmonds 435447N 1115248W Plano
Gale 434555N 1114307W Moody
Hart 435303N 1114418W Saint Anthony
Herbert 434223N 1113933W Heise
Hibbard 435119N 1115016W Rexburg
Hinckley 435154N 1115127W Rexburg
Independence (historical) 434635N 1115458W Menan Buttes
Jensen 434434N 1114447W Heise
Jolley 435032N 1114638W Rexburg
Lyman 434421N 1114901W Ririe
Mark 434631N 1114952W Rexburg
Moody 435013N 1113803W Moody
Parkinson 434858N 1113930W Moody
Plano 435328N 1115327W Plano
Rexburg 434934N 1114720W Rexburg
Salem 435236N 1114620W Parker
Sugar City 435223N 1114451W Moody
Sunnydell 434104N 1114515W Ririe
Thornton 434530N 1115040W Rexburg
Walker 434620N 1114228W Moody
Woods Crossing 434627N 1113747W Moody

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